Anthony James Horton, Aka TOHO SUPERFLOW, is a driven, passionate and charismatic Rap Artist and Performer who truly set out to bring something new to the table with the release of his recent studio work, “Ladies in the Lek Wet”. Hailing from Prince George's County,Maryland, TOHO delivers us a unique blend of Rap music with an ironic and witty lyrical flow. His style of Hip-Hop blurs the line between Old School Classics and Modern edge, with punchy productions and incredible lyrical depth. On his latest release “Ladies in the Lek Wet”, TOHO creates uptempo melodies that merge perfectly with his witty lyrical flow, echoing some of the most influential Artists and Producers on the scene - from Jimmy Castor Bunch, Kurtis Blow, Aerosmith, Grandmaster Flash, and Kool Moe Dee, among many others. “Ladies in the Lek Wet” and his upcoming single "The Pee Pee” are full of upbeat energy, memorable hooks and lines that won’t easily get away from your head.