NTRODUCING TOHO SUPERFLOW College Park, MD, August 9, 2016-- Maryland rap artist TOHO SUPERFLOW has released his second single, "The Pee Pee" Produced by Maryland based recording studio Hustle Firm Entertainment. "The Pee Pee" is a laid-back track that embodies the carefree nuances of new age hip hop. Since the release of his debut single “Ladies in the Lek Wet”, on World Starr Hip Hop, TOHO has gained a cult following. with over a million views within hours of its release on World Star Hip Hop. and “The Pee Pee” creating an instant buzz with almost a million views after only 4 hours of its release. TOHO'S love of all types of music and his epic life journey brought inspiration to his current projects as well as advancing his musical career. Reflecting on the ups and downs of his own life, his rap music is definitely something that his fans can relate and look forward to. TOHO is determined to do more than just create trendy hip hop music, he wants to inspire a movement with his keen lyrics and BLINGLO Clothing Line. A movement that welcomes people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. These two singles serve as a prelude to a more explosive 13 track album release coming soon. TOHO'S third single entitled "My Paint Be Wet" will debut on World Star Soon. 


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